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Repair and Towing


Inspection, Diagnosis and Repair

All vehicle systems can be inspected and diagnosed by our professional technicians. This includes lights, electrical, brakes, tires, frame, suspension, exhaust, steering, and much more. We also do computer checks for issues involving your Check Engine light. When the problem is identified, our staff will explain to you, in detail, exactly what is wrong and what we will do to fix it. Once these initial steps are completed, repairs and service can commence.
Repair & Service
Our shop provides comprehensive repairs and service to your vehicle. We are a full repair shop, and from tune-ups and minor body repair to engine repair, there is nothing that we can't handle. Bring your vehicle to us for problems such as:
Repair and Towing — Dave's Towing of Middlesex, PA
  • Scratches & Dents
  • Leaking Exhaust
  • Worn Brakes
  • AC Not Cold
  • Vehicle Won't Start
  • Lights Have Shorted
  • Engine Trouble
  • and more


We provide 24-hour emergency towing. Our flatbeds and tow trucks can help any vehicle, from motorcycles up to 2-ton trucks, and we can travel up to 100 miles out of West Middlesex. If you are ever broken down, stuck in a ditch, or involved in an accident, contact our shop. Professional abandoned vehicle removal services are available. Insurance is always accepted, and our owner handles all tows.

Bring your car by for professional auto repair today!